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Opened in 1959. Closed in 1967 . Closed
Guests who were visiting Disneyland Park in 1959 were in for a special treat — live mermaids! (Well, sort of).

I think it’s safe to say that mermaids don’t actually exist, but Disney used to cast live mermaids who spent their days flippin’ their fins around the beautiful tropical lagoon. Whether you were enjoying the Submarine Voyage attraction or you were taking the monorail into Tomorrowland, guests were able to spot the beautiful mermaids enjoying the sun on a rock or splashin’ around in the water.

Huffington Post got the chance to speak with one of the mermaids, who mentioned why they spent so much time on the rocks. Suzanne Brewster, a former Disneyland mermaid, explained that the water in the mermaid lagoon was much colder than it looks so they typically sat on the rock to warm themselves up in the warm California sun.

The live mermaids only appeared in Tomorrowland during the summer of 1959 and three other seasons between 1965 and 1967.