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Opened in 1955. Closed in 1966 . Closed
The Space Bar was perhaps the park’s most futuristic restaurant – an “automat”. This style of ordering combined the accessibility of a vending machine with the flexibility and variety of a restaurant. Guests purchased each item of food separately, by selecting an item from a particular service window. Every meal was individually constructed, tailored to each diner.

During its lifetime, the Space Bar was one of the more popular restaurants in Disneyland. Guests enjoyed its unique ordering style, and the sunny patio was a great place to people watch or wave to passing Skyway cars. But when Disney announced the major Tomorrowland renovation in the late 1960’s, the Space Bar was removed to make way for a brand new attraction: The Carousel of Progress. The Bar closed in September 1966, and “New Tomorrowland” made its debut less than a year later.