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Opened in 1955. Closed in 1959 . Closed
Stagecoaches, Buckboards, & Conestoga Wagons drawn by horses. Guests could ride either shotgun (on top with the driver) or inside of the coach itself (and learn what a sardine feels like!). Both the Stagecoaches and Wagons shared the same route through Frontierland, which included Coyote Rock, Elephant Rock, Inscription Rock, Horse Thief Canyon, Dead Man’s Spring, Natural Bridge, and Indian Territory. 12/1955 newspaper ad for Frontierland stated: “You will ride the Conestoga Wagon in Frontierland—one of the most picturesque and vital vehicles in history. It was the Conestoga, not the Covered Wagon, that developed the West. The great wagons were first built in the Conestoga Valley of Pennsylvania, with water tight bottoms that permitted safe crossing of rivers. You will also ride authentic stage coaches, pack trains, and buckboards in this remarkable re-creation of the old West.” After new scenic landscaping, the Stagecoaches were renamed the Rainbow Mountain Stage Coaches in 1956. Unfortunately, the Stagecoaches were prone to tipping over , breakaway harnesses didn’t solve the problem...instead it caused many a guest to be stranded while the horses proceeded on the journey. Low guest capacity and high overhead were the reason the coaches were eliminated; the last journey of the Stagecoach and the Conestoga Wagons is debatable; in the Nickel Tour, two dates are given: September 13, 1959 and February 10, 1960.

Stagecoaches, Buckboards, & Conestoga Wagons